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Its been a while since I visited this relic of a blog. I started it with grand plans of putting pen to paper to keep a record of my thoughts. Kind of like an online diary but like so many things in my life, I ran out of interest. Writing does not come naturally to me. It’s an effort. Especially if you hope to be funny or insightful or even mildly interesting.

But lately I have to admit, I feel compelled to give this another shot. To put thought to paper. Why? I don’t know. Maybe because its the thought of dying. I am getting on in years and am approaching the winter of my life. Well maybe not quite the winter, maybe more like the mid autumn. I want to leave something behind. Some words to remember me by. But I am not a sentimental person. Its strange this.

Maybe because I have a young child. I want her to know the man her father was. Have you ever come across an old letter or diary of your parents or grandparents? I have a letter from my grandfather. He died when I was two. He wrote the letter to my mother, welcoming her into the family soon after she was married to my father. That letter fascinates me. It gives my grandfather a voice even after all these years. He’s not just a blurry face in an old faded photograph. He had opinions and was a warm and articulate man. Will my child remember the man her father was when I am no more? Will her children?

What am I going to write about? I don’t know. What I think. Random thoughts. Does it matter?  I guess not. Just thoughts and opinions off all and sundry. This will suffice for now.

So back t the question. Why write? I think I want to write for my child. Maybe one day, when she is an adult, she will read this. I hope she thinks kindly of me. I hope she thinks this is worth reading. I hope.





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It is a well known fact that the shortest route between 2 points is a straight line. But it is not necessarily the fastest. A racing line on a racing track is not a straight line. In fact around a particularly tight corner, a racing line is described as one which allows for the largest turning radius.

In the last 50 years we Malaysians have described each other by racial lines. Nothing else is more infusive in our society then race. Even religion takes a back seat. Hell, even as the Brits were about to hand us back our country we demanded a “social contract” be written out. I wonder who signed that bloody document?  What does it say anyway? I want to know. As a result, 50 years down the road, mention money changers and you’ll picture an Indian sitting inside a dingy booth, mention a VCD seller and he’s definitely Chinese. Government servant asked for coffee money?, police ask for a bribe? – your brains will be screaming “bloody good for nothing Malay”. Don’t lie, I do. Almost all professions in Malaysia are drawn along Racial Lines. Have you ever seen an Indian own an electrical appliance outlet? A Malay sell you mobile phones? Well, maybe you have, if you happen to be in the back street in the city and the guy selling it to you has only one model, a stolen one that is. There are probably less than a handful of non Malays in the police force. The list goes on.

So are we really ready to give up the racing line and allow someone the chance to overtake? Are we willing to ease of the throttle just a little to give the other some breathing space, a chance to accelerate around the next corner? Or are we going to hog that racing line and force him to brake hard….impede his progress even though he is the better man but happen to be behind at the moment.

Sure we are fed up of the current and corrupt government. Sure we want a freer Press who will write the truth as they see it. Sure, we are all fed up with the same diatribe “You cannot trust the Chinese!”, “Malays can’t work!” “Bloody drunk Indians!”  A whole Nation of people have grown up hearing this it is almost infusive. Can we find it inside us to change? Each and everyone of us?




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Just got my hands on season 5 of the Sopranos. What is it about gangster movies that appeal to men? Strange isn’t it? You profess to be a law abiding citizen and are shocked and aghast at anything that smacks of being illegal and anti social, but at the same time, you are drawn to movies and shows like the Sopranos……. And please don’t tell me the only reason you watch it is for the human drama, you lying fuck!

Could it be that the reason we are drawn to shows like this is because deep down inside we all want to be gangsters?

Maybe its because we live in a society that has rendered men to being emasculated and impotent little creatures. When was the last time you got pissed off with somebody? Very often I bet, judging by the morons that surround you. But when was the last time you did something about it? Don’t lie now!

Most of the time, we just take it up the arse. We have a hundred and one reasons why we hold our peace, but deep down inside you know what you want to do! You want to whip out that 9mm and pop a cap in his ass or at least bitch slap him senseless. But the most that you end up doing is giving him what you think is a “killer” stare. Please… that stare has never intimidated anyone. All you do is end up looking constipated.

I think we should also consider the violence. All men have a natural affinity to violence. Bullshit you say? Think about it, we could have only survived as a species if we were capable of violence in the defense of ours, be it our cave, our women or our herds. Not only in the defense, but in the taking of the other guy’s (who was less violent) cave, women and herd. The peace loving Neanderthals went the way of the dodo. Wiped out. By us.

So it’s no wonder that we want to be gangsters. Thousands of years ago, the very traits that gangsters possess, the violence, the decisiveness, the ruthlessness and the no nonsense attitude was what kept us alive. Kept us going from generation to generation.

Maybe it’s time a little bit of that primordial character of ours be brought back to our daily lives. Maybe this all accepting, all forgiving men that we have become is not doing us any good. Do you think those guys from HINDRAF and BERSIH acted like gangsters? I do.    

The traits that would have made you the master of your own destiny a thousand years ago will make you an outcast today ….. may even get you busted under the ISA…..




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Admit it. You thought it was, didn’t you. You woke up on the 9th of March, heard the results and squealed like a little piggy, didn’t you? A new dawn had broken over your beloved country. You and your fellow Malaysians were (and you didn’t care what his religion, race or body odour was!…. you loved him!) going to link arms and march off to that promised land. The land of brotherly love. The land of justice and equality. A land where everyone had a place in the sun. You did…didn’t you? You poor deluded fuck. 


You think that your fellow Malaysians voted the way they did because like you, they were sick and tired of corruption, the erosion of values in politics and the sickening stench of race based politics and policies.


And so you believe that finally the Rakyat has risen to show that we have had enough! Take us back to the promised land, we demanded. Enough of this crap! All Malaysians are my brothers and we are sick and tired of this racist and corrupt government! Get the fuck out. That’s what you think eh? More or less? Tsk tsk.


What if the reason most Malaysians voted for the opposition are …

1. The cost of living! Prices keep going up laa and pay still the same!

2. The cost of living! Prices still going up laa…

3. Toll! Fuel! Food!

4. For the Chinese – Waaah, that bugger still holding up the kris ahh?

5. For the Indians – Dei, wasn’t there a temple here yesterday?

6. For the Malays – Hindraf! Lina Joy! Apa nii?

7. A large number Muslims DO want an Islamic state.


What if a large number of Malaysians voted like you did but not for the reasons you did. What if there’s still no love lost between the races. It’s still them against us. And do you think that these problems are going to get better in the next 4 years? Oil prices are expected to remain near the USD 100 per barrel mark for the next 7 years at least. Now we have a food shortage crisis? Still too many Hindu temples in this country. The Chinese will always push for more. The Malays will never give up their rights and privileges.


What if 4 years from now, the Rakyat says “fuck you jack!” and hands it all to Barisan Nasional! Won’t it be a sight to see all those people like you running down the road screaming and tearing out your hair like piggies being led to the slaughter the morning after ……




B.U.M 2008

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B.U.M 2008

Went with a friend to the B.U.M function at the subang jaya lake club yesterday. Got to see all the heroes of the blogging world! For real! Also realized why bloggers blog. They would not be able to make a speech to save their lives. I guess if u suck as a public speaker, you blog. Exception of the above wud be Raja Petra and Harris Ibrahim.


Saw Imtiaz there. The lion in the defense of the downtrodden. Build like a flea. Albeit a well build flea. Looks like a tight slap in the face would do him in! A fatal slapping! Still my hero though.


The rest of them filled the mould. Big towering men. What’s with the pony tails though. I guess if u hold alternate views, it would help if you looked the part. Rocky’s locks. My my! The way he kept brushing it off his face (with limp wrist and all) was soo hot. Must get a lot of chickies.   


Citizen Nades was there! At least there was a really scruffy looking guy who claimed to be Citizen Nades. I think this whole thing with the selangor state government is taking its toll on him. Comes across as very bitter….. and tired.


Also the hero of the blogging movement (if u can call it that). Raja Petra! Cue lights, special effects and music. Got a standing ovation…. At least from a few of the guys there. Very good speaker. I wonder whats it like to be him? After a while, doesn’t it all go to your head? All this adulation must surely have an effect……


Jakie ann surin….. hmmmmmm……..


Don’t get me wrong folks, I have nothing but admiration and respect for the people in that room. I believe generations to come will owe them a debt of gratitude. They fight on principal and ideals and they fight for all of us. They fight knowing that they may have to pay a steep price …… that I, (being the coward that I am) would never think of doing. Wasn’t there a death threat against Imtiaz ?  He didn’t look too worried!


But…. (and there’s always a but …. isn’t there….?)


I couldn’t help feeling the sense of celebratory vindication and triumph in the room. It was like “hah…see what the bloggers can do…. Don’t mess with us….”.

It was a genuine feeling that the blogs had a lot to do with the results of the last elections. Everyone kept quoting AAB’s “I should have paid more attention to the internet” statement. Everyone feels that the blogs had a big effect on the outcome of the elections


Did it? ……. really?


I work in a crew of 115 men. The day after the function I decided to do an informal survey of the guys I work with to see if the blogs actually had an impact on how they voted in the elections. Bear in mind that out of the 115 men about 20 are non malays and we all live in the klang valley and are blue collared workers. Almost all of them

claim to have voted for the opposition.


This is what I found;


  1. almost half access the net regularly. Out of this, only 17 are regular readers of political blogs. The rest use the net for emails, downloading music and porn
  2. more than 80% get alternative news from the Harakah…  a few of them buy Harakah regularly and pass it around. Most of them are familiar with Citizen Nades and credit him for exposing corruption.


So, were the blogs really effective in turning the tide? I don’t see it. When Citizen Nades has more name recognition than Rockysbru and Disquiet, I think its fair to say that the print media still rules. Raja Petra quoted Murdoch as saying that the print media will be finished by 2030 but for now, I think that newspapers reach far more people and and play a much greater role in the forming of public opinion than the internet.


Don’t you think that the most important thing for all those M.P’s from Pakatan Rakyat in parliament and the blogging fraternity to do, is to push for a change in the laws that govern the publishing and printing of newspapers. You must have a newspaper to govern, to mould and to inform the people.